Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Awesome Happenings in the Bible - Daniel and the Den of Lions (Dan 6:16-23)

One of the most awesome happenings in the Bible is about a man named Daniel and a den of Lions!

Lions are huge animals. I mean...they make a German Shepherd dog look little! 

Now imagine if because some people didn't like you they got the leader of your land to throw you in with not just one lion (that would be problem enough!) but a whole den of them! A whole den of hungry lions too!

But...because you didn't do anything wrong, God sent his angel to keep the mouths of the hungry lions closed. And so you peacefully spent the whole night with the lions without getting hurt... 

That's just what happened to Daniel. I'd say that's a pretty awesome happening in the Bible, wouldn't you (I mean after all, the lions still had their claws and could have hurt Daniel. But God via His angel told them not to so they didn't!)

Read all about in the Book of Daniel, the 6th Chapter!

Note: The second picture is by Briton Riviere. It's located in the Manchester City Art Gallery and was painted in 1890. The photo of the real lion is from Wikipedia. Look under "Lions."