Friday, October 25, 2013

Geography Treasure Hunt: Sea of Galilee poll answer

Well, I asked all the kids in my class today and this is what they thought the shape of the Sea of Galilee from space looks like.
18 kids: a human heart
2 kids (both boys): a tornado
1 kid (a girl): a sapphire  

The human heart (from Wikipedia)
A Sapphire 
Wow! I wouldn't mind owning this stone (I found the pic in Wikipedia). And yeah, I can see the resemblance with the Sea of Galilee.
Now, concerning it looking like a tornado...
I don't really see the tornado shape in the Sea of Galilee. I think the boys were just teasing me and since I don't like tornadoes - they're scary - I'm not going to put a photo of one here. Besides, you can Google "tornado" for yourselves if you really want to see one.
See ya on Monday!