Thursday, October 24, 2013

Caesar: A Prince in Disguise!

Hey! Hold on Lucy! Enough already about the Sea of Galilee. It's my turn . I'm supposed to tell them more about Caesar today.

Okay. Hold your horses, Pete. Didn't mean to 'step on your toes.' (Grandma always says that!). You go ahead. I like hearing stories about Caesar too. Especially this one!
Besides, it gives everyone until tomorrow to send me a comment and let me know what the Sea of Galilee looks like to them! I'm going to post everyone's comments to see what gets the most votes. (Hint: I think it looks like a human heart. What do you think?)

"Okay, cool!
Well, I told everyone last week how Caesar was a little island cat (would be called a “street cat” if in a city). He didn’t belong to anyone and he followed Dad all around, until Dad finally picked him up and brought him home to us... (best thing that ever happened!) When all our friends asked what breed he was, we’d say, “he’s just a little island cat from Greece!” (which I thought was cool enough!)
Well, it ends up Caesar is actually a real breed (not that it makes a difference to how much we love him – but it sure is cool!). Not just that but he's one of the oldest cat breeds in the world! Probably 10,000 years old!
What breed? 
He’s known as an Aegean Cat. His ancestors developed all over the Ancient Greek world around the Aegean Sea (see map below).
Isn't it cool to think that Jesus probably saw an Aegean cat - maybe one just like Caesar.
Anyway... that's why he's a prince of a cat in disguise. (Humm... maybe we named him correctly after all - Caesar! Get it!)
Shuu... but don't tell him! We like our nice normal house cat!

Check out this video:

How many of you think the orange and white cats in the video look like they could be Caesar's brother and sisters? Leave me a comment and let me know if you think so.
Super cool, Huh!
Aegean Sea 

Lucy here: Remember, tomorrow we'll see what everything thinks the Sea of Galilee (see below) looks like to them.