Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lucy's Devotional - God's Favor

By this I know that thou favourest me;
because mine enemies doth not triumph over me.

(Psalm 41: 11 KJV)

As you saw last weekend, when you filled in the blanks of this verse with Grandma, she likes the King James Version. I think in modern day English it would say something like this:

"By this I Know that you favor me; because my enemies do not triumph over me!"


"Because of Your favor, my enemies cannot triumph over me."

What does it mean? 
That if you walk with God that even though things seem to go against you -- maybe a bully at school is bothering you, or a teacher just doesn't like you, or your mom and dad seemed to be arguing too much, or your dad lost his job and your family has money worries, or someone you love is sick -- that you won't be defeated. That somehow God will bring you and your family through the hard times and even to better times than you could imagine! 

How will He do this? 
So many possible ways! Maybe he will use a relative  or a friend as His instrument of grace, or maybe he will send an angel to direct you the right way, or maybe he will just supernaturally (He is THE Super Natural One after all!) show you the way through.

Just know that if you are a child of God -- meaning you have asked God to live in your heart, that you believe Jesus is the Son of God -- that God's favor is on you. And if God's favor is on you, look out world!

"Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you so much for putting Your favor on me!"