Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lucy's Little Devotional - (Today in History -Luke 2:22-24)

Today in History

Today it is 40 days after Christmas!
What does this mean?
It is exactly today that Jesus - just a little month and a half old baby - was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem so that Mary could be purified and Jesus dedicated. Cool, Huh!?

Look at these two really awesome works of art showing this. This one is very very old - from the 11th century (see the pigeons Joseph is holding).

This one is from a stained glass window of a church - St.  Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, Canada. 

I think it is so neat how people read the exact same  story in the Gospel - Luke 2: 22-38 - and using their God-given artistic talents depict it in ways that appeals to so many different people from so many different times. And in ways so everyone can understand the story better. It sure helps me seeing it! How about you?

But you know, we have to go way back in history to understand everything about Jesus being brought to the temple. (But I love going back in time to get to the beginning of things so let's do it!)

It's all about the Laws God gave Moses for the new nation of Israel. (There were a lot more than just the Ten Commandment!) In Leviticus 12 the ceremonies concerning a woman who has given birth are given and in Exodus 13 the Israelis were told what they had to do with their first born. Joseph and Mary were just following God's laws for Jesus when they went to the temple - 40 days after Jesus was born! 

That is - Today in History!

Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to always follow your ways and to do all things that make You happy. Amen!