Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day - Wise Grandma

"What are you are most thankful for on this eve of Thanksgiving Day, Grandma," the twins asked their grandmother as she decorated the last Christmas tree in her shop. Part of their Thanksgiving dinner - desert! - was cooking in the oven. Pumpkin pie! It smelled delicious! They couldn't wait for tomorrow. But the day before Thanksgiving was one of their favorites too. Today they went around asking everybody what they were most thankful for. Their dad of course, told them that he was most thankful for them!

"That's easy, children!" she put the last ball on the tree and stepped down off her step-stool. "I'm thankful we live in the time after Christ came, in the AD, and not in the time before He came - in the BC!" 

Lucy and Pete looked at one another. They'd never thought about that before. 

But they agreed: Grandma was so  right! A world without Jesus was not a world Pete and Lucy would want to live in either!

"We're thankful to be living in the AD too!" They shouted.

"Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!"