Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meet Grandmother...

And this lovely lady busy trimming a Christmas tree is none other than our very own dear Grandmother! You might find it odd of her to be trimming a tree already – I mean, it’s not even November for a few more days yet – but there’s a very good explanation for that. See, Grandmother and Grandfather own the Christmas Store here in Christmastown, Maine.

Just like Grandmother's parents did before them.

Well actually, Pete, when her daddy owned it the store was a general store.

Yeah, but they sold the Christmas tree ornaments her mom knitted year round and then they became so popular that they became the stores' bestsellers. So, the general store became a Christmas Store. Other than running, operating and decorating the Christmas Store, Grandmother also makes the best cocoa ever!

Don't forget her apple butter pancakes... 

How could I? They're Caesar's favorites!