Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Caesar became our family cat

Hi guys,

Bet many of you are wondering how Caesar came to be our family cat. Right? Well, I love telling stories and this is a good one...

Dad first met Caesar when he was in Greece about a year and a half ago. He was on a sunny Greek island filming a documentary about ancient sailors when he first saw Caesar jumping, and playing with the waves and an old fishing net on the seashore. Caesar was only six months old back then. 

But when Caesar saw Dad he stopped playing, looked up at him with his green eyes and just starting meowing as he followed him around. 

It was cool! Dad said it was like Caesar was telling him that he wanted to come back to Maine and be our family cat. 

Caesar didn’t belong to anybody but even still, Dad wasn’t sure he should bring him all the way across the world from Greece to Maine. After all, Caesar might not be a good traveler (and Dad didn’t want him throwing up all over the place!). 

But while Dad was filming on the island Caesar continued to follow him. 

“That cat is yours, whether you know it or not,” the old fishermen used to shout out to Dad.

“He’ll swim across the Sea to find you if you leave him behind!” the young sailors warned.

So, when it was time to leave, what did Dad do? He bought a cat carrier and did just as Caesar asked: brought him back to us! It ends up that Caesar is a fantastic traveler. 

So that’s how Caesar – the most awesome island cat ever – came to be the Sinclair family cat!

Wasn't that a cool story?

Talk soon,

P.S. Next week I’ll tell you how Caesar - the little island cat - actually ended up being a prince of a cat in disguise!